The Fletcher Foundation fosters excellence and builds skilled capacity for the engineering and applied science field through our support for education. For over 25 years, the Foundation has awarded bursaries to exceptional students and aims to build funds to support educational initiatives, projects and programs that help to advance the engineering technology profession and the student educational experience at college.


The Fletcher Foundation is a registered charitable organization (Canadian Charitable Registration Number 890966740RR0001) and is managed and operated by a Board of Trustees appointed by OACETT members.  The Foundation was established in honour of Carole and George Fletcher, C.E.T. a past president of OACETT. 


Since the Fletcher Foundation was founded in 1987, the charity has awarded bursaries to more than 325 students for academic excellence and worked to advance the engineering technology profession. 

Currently, the Foundation is working to double the impact of your donation with the Matching Donation Program. OACETT is matching two-to-one for every dollar contributed by an OACETT member – to a maximum of $25,000 per year. These funds will be used to help engineering and applied science technology students achieve success and advance their educational experience in their engineering technology or applied science program.



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St Clair CollegeMay2019

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Bob Jameson, C.E.T.           Steve Barnes, C.E.T.         Jennifer Hazelton, C.Tech. Andre Tardif, C.E.T.        Ken Browne, C.E.T.  

Fellow OACETT, Chair        Fellow OACETT, Trustee   Trustee                              Trustee                            Trustee


Cheryl Farrow, President

Michelle Malcolm-Francis, Communications Officer

Alla Bondarenko, Secretary

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Message from Bob Jameson, C.E.T., Fellow OACETT

Chair of the Fletcher Foundation

For more than 30 years, the Fletcher Foundation has successfully funded the education of deserving students enrolled in engineering technology and applied science college programs across Ontario.

As chair of the Foundation, it is my privilege and honour to champion a cause that invests in the future of our profession and makes it possible for worthy students to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Students from across the province benefit from the Foundation’s bursary programs when they receive the OACETT Technology Award, which entitles them to a $1,000 bursary. Under the Foundation’s Enhanced Student Educational Experience (ESEE) Program, eligible Ontario colleges receive funds for programs that promote entrepreneurism, new technologies, women or aboriginal youth and other significant efforts that encourage inclusion, diverse thinking and innovation for tomorrow. Both programs have been fundamental in helping engineering technology and applied science students in achieving their academic goals.

We continue to raise funds that support the Foundation’s bursary and ESEE programs through the Matching Donation Program. However, these days, fundraising has been more challenging, with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting our communities, jobs and livelihood. Unfortunately, students have been one of the groups impacted the most financially by the crisis, which means they need us more than ever.  I invite you to support them and invest in their future.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the Fletcher Foundation. Your donations promote our tradition of excellence, and for this, we are forever grateful.

From all of us on the Fletcher Foundation board, thank you.