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Every donation the Fletcher Foundation receives touches the lives of future engineering technology and applied science professionals whose outstanding talent, knowledge and skills are important in shaping the future of the profession.

We want to help exceptional students reach their full potential and eliminate the financial burden that comes with a college education. With your kind contribution, we believe it is possible.

We challenge you to give back to the profession that gives you so much and needs your support to develop, advance and thrive well into the 21st century.


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Leaving a bequest

A planned gift leaves a legacy of kindness

One of the most profound ways to leave a lasting impact on the engineering technology and applied science profession is by providing a legacy gift to the Carole and George Fletcher Foundation. 

By planning a gift to the Foundation, you are ensuring the work George Fletcher began decades ago will continue through our programs and initiatives.  

Your commitment to protecting the public, supporting worthy students, enhancing student experiences, and broadening their access to engineering technology and applied science programs in Ontario will be honoured and sustained when you leave a legacy.


Contact Fletcher Foundation president Cheryl Farrow at to discuss your legacy gift.


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My name is Daryl Keys, C.E.T., Fellow OACETT

"As technical professionals, we have a duty to give back to our profession and that's why I made my donation and have issued a personal challenge to fellow OACETT members to contribute to the Fletcher Foundation."