Fletcher Foundation Matching Donation Program

The Fletcher Foundation 2-for-1 Matching Donation Program raises funds for bursaries that support educational initiatives, projects and programs that advance the engineering technology and applied science profession and the student academic experience at Ontario colleges. The funds raised from the Matching Donation Program have helped to increase endowment funds at colleges and contributed to the Enhancing Educational Experience Grant. Thanks to the Matching Donation Program exceptional engineering technology and applied science students facing financial barriers have more opportunities to reach their full potential and are able to focus on accomplishments that will take them on the road to success.  

Every donation makes a difference. When you give, OACETT will match your gift two times, tripling the impact. 

Enhancing Educational Experience Grant

The Fletcher Foundation established the Enhancing Educational Experience Grant in 2018, which is an annual grant of up to $20,000 available as direct matching funds to support innovative initiatives designed to enhance the educational experience for students in OACETT eligible programs in Ontario colleges.  Special consideration is given to programs designed to engage non-traditional audiences, such as women and Indigenous peoples.

Applications are due April 30, 2022, for funds for the September 2022 academic year. For more information, contact Alla Bondarenko at abondarenko@oacett.org

Generation Award

The Fletcher Foundation offers the Fletcher Foundation Generation Award to OACETT members' children, grandchildren and spouses who attend an engineering technology or an applied science program at an Ontario college. The bursary amount is $1,000, which is awarded to one recipient randomly drawn from eligible applications. You can find details about the bursary on the application form.

OACETT Engineering Technology Award

The OACETT Engineering Technology Award is a bursary funded by the Fletcher Foundation that provides financial support to exceptional engineering technology and applied science students in Ontario colleges. It is a gift students receive for their academic achievement and future promise in the technology profession. Many colleges across Ontario offer this award and are pleased to see how it has helped their students propel into their careers.

Fletcher Awards & Bursaries